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Myths vs. Realities

They will never develop a good trap in a laboratory. Bedbugs behave very differently in lab conditions. You can’t domesticate a bedbug. In the lab, bedbugs avoid glue. In the real world, a hungry unfed nymph can crawl halfway across any brand of sticky board. In moderately high infestations, you will catch some bedbugs on a sticky board, but no one has been able to make a glue based bedbug trap that is creatively appealing to them. A trap they would be willfully attracted to. A trap that could intercept bedbug migration. A trap that would make those bedbugs so very, very happy. UNTIL NOW!

I guess I am very grateful for the trap I invented. You can’t have happiness without gratefulness in this world. At least I didn’t have to buy a bedbug sniffing dog or expensive heat treatment equipment.

If a single single apartment has had bedbugs for more than eight weeks it can take a minimum of 30 days of monitoring to clear the unit. If two or more units directly adjacent to one another have both had bedbugs for more than three months, it can take 60 days of monitoring to clear both units.

A hungry unfed baby bedbug, depending on the humidity level in the apartment, can survive upwards of 60 to 80 days until it gets its first meal. Bedbugs actually behave on a very collective level. The experts say to put your luggage in the tub when traveling. The dryer and hotter the environment, the more likely it is for bedbugs to migrate to the bathroom. I believe its because they are cold blooded and they utilize the coolness of the toilet and tub.

All living organisms have an internal 24 hour clock called the Circadian Rhythm. For years neuroscientists have believed that the clock exists in the hypothalamus, but recently researchers discovered that the clock also exists in our red blood cells. Bedbugs feed only on capillary blood and only one red blood cell flows at a time through our capillaries. There’s no DNA in our red blood cells so our Creator, created an insect that has to steal someone else’s clock to continue to perpetuate its own clock. Some would say that the resurrection of Jesus was God’s offer to “reset the clock” and offer humanity a new covenant. And just as Jesus is the vine to the other world you are the vine to the bed bug.

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Product works in occupied and unoccupied locations!

My name is Jim and I hope to be a voice in the wilderness. I’ve been doing bedbug treatments and trapping bedbugs in the Rockford area for the past few years. And now, for the first time, the product I invented, is now available to the general public. Bedbug treatment does not have to be costly. At present, there are numerous means available - steaming, convection heat, freezing, and traditional chemical.

Trap Pictures Open and Closed

WARNING! NSFW! There is no `Magic Bug Spray!` for these pests. Too much chemical can exacerbate a bedbug situation. Controlling bedbugs in multiunit apartment buildings is the primary challenge for today’s pest control professionals. With bedbugs, there is such a thing as horizontal and vertical migration behavior in multi storied buildings. Apartment dwellers these days are asking themselves such questions as `Did they come from across the hallway, or from the downstairs unit?` This product helped me to answer those questions. It saved my ass.

A true bedbug monitor has to work horizontally and/or vertically, the active attractant has to remain stable, and the trap has to last at least 75 days in the field.  

Optimization versus Isolation:

Current bedbug protocol advocates mattress encasements, and interception devices to remediate infestations. However, even the experts don't know why migration may occur faster in some environments than others. In this country, when the male psyche is under duress from a bedbug  problem, the current mentality is I'm going to get some strong ass ##%&@##!! spray and blast the hell out of these things, and then I'm going to get tape and some caulk and I'll block and seal everything up. Did you know that this can make the situation worse?  And not only make it worse, but prolong the problem.

Adequately inspecting and breaking their life cycle:

Did you know that bedbugs don't like to be tickled with a pipe cleaner? They also don't like heavy air currents. In a two bedroom single family house, if bedbugs are found in both bedrooms and the living room, and the house gets treated, the residents would have to go 30 days without seeing a bug to know if the treatment was successful. In an apartment  building that contains two bedroom units. If two or more separate apartments adjacent to one another, have each had a bedbug problem lasting more than thirty days, and both units get treated at the same time, the tenants in each unit would have to go 60 continuous days without seeing any bugs to know for sure that they are gone. Depending upon humidity levels, an unfed baby bedbug can live 60 - 75 days until it gets its first meal.

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